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Hibbard Gardens Sold Out

Hibbard Gardens

Hibbard Gardens, Northfield, IL

If you’re like me you are trying to avoid the construction on Willow Road at all costs. (This has actually saved me money due to less frequent trips to Target). When I do have to go west, my chosen route is Winnetka Avenue to Waukegan, so I drive past the site of the old Hibbard Road Gardens Nursery pretty often. It kind of made me sad to see the old nursery go. I’ve bought lots of plants and Christmas greens there over the years and my kids always liked feeding the visiting reindeer in December. Now it’s just a big pile of bulldozed dirt, just waiting for construction to begin on the new homes that will be built there.

The land is being developed by Edward R. James Partners and will have six single-family “cluster” homes in a maintenance-free community called Hibbard Gardens.  (In case you’re wondering, a cluster home is a detached home which is close to the neighboring houses in its cluster and has very little yard). The homes are 3560 to 4060 sq. ft and priced between $1,514,000 and $1,579,000.

The homes are targeted at empty-nesters and downsizers. They each have a first floor master suite with two bedrooms and two baths plus a loft upstairs. The downstairs public spaces include a cook’s kitchen, family room/breakfast room, great room or living room, study and a patio (which can be upgraded to a screened in porch). Each unit has a two car attached garage. There’s a pond running along the back of the property so all the residents will enjoy a water view.

All six units have been pre-sold. If you were looking for something like that, let us know. We can help you find something just as nice, even if it’s not quite as new.

We are North Shore real estate specialists and one of the top teams in the area. If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller consultation with the Come Home North Shore team, please call 847-881-6657 or send us a note here.  

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Downsizing? This Northfield Home May Be The Perfect Choice

1 Regent Wood, Northfield

Are you ready for a smaller, lower maintenance home, but don’t want to go all the way to a townhouse or condo? If so, this Northfield home could be a great choice for your next move.

Located at 1 Regent Wood (just off of Winnetka Avenue east of Waukegan), this home won’t make you feel claustrophobic if you are used to a larger house. Because it has all the rooms you need but none of the ones you don’t. Here’s what makes it a perfect fit for your new elegant but carefree lifestyle:

  • A first floor master plus two additional bedrooms on the second floor. You still have room for your guests but day in and day out everything you need is on the main floor.
  • Large formal rooms mean you can still entertain in style.
  • Low maintenance: there’s no lawn to mow or snow to shovel. Like to travel? Have a second home? Just turn off the lights and lock the door behind you.
  • Nothing to do –  this home was tastefully remodeled from top to bottom just four years ago, so you can just move in and start enjoying it right away.
  • Tired of big house taxes? This home has an affordable tax bill of $11,911.

1 Regent Wood living room1 Regent Wood dining room

Before you sell your current home and make the move, be sure and consult your tax accountant about the tax implications of downsizing to a smaller home. In all likelihood you will be able to qualify for a tax-free capital gain up to $500,000 (if you file a joint return), but you should examine your options.

You can get more information about this wonderful house here. If you have any questions about it or would like to see it in person, just call us at 847-881-6657 or email us.  We’d be happy to show it to you.

We are North Shore real estate specialists and one of the top teams in the Wilmette, Winnetka and Glencoe area. If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller consultation with the Come Home North Shore team, please contact us at 847-881-6657 or send us a note here.

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10 Tips for Downsizers with Too Much Stuff

attic filled with stuffNorth Shore baby-boomers, if you are planning to downsize to a smaller place anytime soon, this Forbes article by Ashlea Ebeling is worth a read.

It’s got great advice on how to maximize the return on all that great stuff you’ve collected over the years and how to minimize the tax consequences. Here’s a summary of her tips:

1. Accept that downsizing is tough.

Most people have an emotional attachment to their stuff, even if it has been up in the attic for years. It’s hard to let go of family heirlooms, old scrapbooks or souvenirs from your honeymoon. Give yourself time to reminisce so that you can let go more easily.

2. Find trusted experts.

Make sure you know which things have value beyond your sentimental attachment before you rush off an sell them on Craig’s List.

3. Call an appraiser to get an objective assessment of value.

4. Be wary of family lore.

Just because Grandma said that chair or vase is a one-of-a-kind doesn’t mean that it is.

5. Don’t toss things out prematurely.

Some things that look like trash aren’t (and vice versa).

6. Call an auction house.

For rarer or more valuable pieces this gives you access to a broader (even international) audience than an estate sale would.

7. Donate and deduct.

You can get a charitable deduction on your taxes if you donate something, but you do need to itemize if it is worth $500 or more.

8. Pass your heirlooms down before you die.

You can gift up to $13,000/year tax-free to as many people as you want (and that includes stuff as well as money).

9. Watch out for capital gains.

10. Remember the tax return.