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Harper Neighborhood Home Sales – 2011

Sales activity in the Harper neighborhood was down in 2011 vs. 2010. There were fewer listings on the market and 22% fewer sales. Those that came on the market, and were well-priced and well-presented, sold quickly, which brought the average market time to 72 days (2.4 months), the shortest market time of any of Wilmette’s neighborhoods.

Harper Neighborhood Home Sales – 2011Harper School trend

Want to know what your Wilmette neighbor’s house sold for? You can see that here. Want to know what your home is worth in today’s market? Give us a call at 847-881-6657 and we’d be glad to provide you with a complimentary, no obligation, home value analysis. Or you can get a free, quick, over-the-net evaluation.

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McKenzie Neighborhood Home Sales – 2011

This is second in a series of posts about neighborhood level data for Wilmette. McKenzie neighborhood home sales in 2011 were roughly even with 2010 and 19% higher than 2009. As with Central School, prices declined in 2011, while market time increased by 27% to an average of 89 days or three months.

McKenzie Neighborhood Home Sales – 2011

McKenzie Home Sales Trend

Source: MRED LLC – Single family homes data. Deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Want to know what your neighbor’s house sold for? You can see that here. Want to know what your home is worth in today’s market? Give us a call at 847-881-6657 and we’d be glad to provide you with a complimentary, no obligation, home value analysis. Or you can get a free, quick, over-the-net evaluation.

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Tripping the Light Fantastic in Wilmette

Christmas light show in Wilmette

At our house we have gotten a little lax in the Christmas decorating department, and at this point I’m wondering when we’ll even have time to go get the Christmas tree between hockey games and pageant rehearsals. But luckily for us, most of our neighbors take this decorating thing a bit more seriously and we can enjoy their Christmas lights. One neighbor, in particular, puts on a display worth going out of your way to see. It’s grown every year and has gotten so popular that this year they set their lights to music and invited everyone over to munch on cookies and drink hot cocoa while enjoying the show. Even Santa stopped by to hear last minute gift requests from neighborhood kids.

Steve Maris, a self-proclaimed Christmas junkie, has been decorating with lights every year, adding more and more to his collection each Christmas. At this point he has about 30,000 lights on his house and garage, in the trees and all over the yard. In the past year he has spent countless hours programming the lights to blink to the music until he had a two hour long show. It truly is an awesome sight and will put even the most Scrooge-like person in the Christmas spirit. You can get a taste of it here:

Want to check out Steve Maris’ handiwork in person? The show will go on nightly through Christmas at 1200 Cleveland Street in Wilmette, but don’t count on hot cocoa or cookies unless you bring them yourself. And Santa has headed back to the North Pole to prepare for the big night.

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Woman’s Club of Wilmette’s 70th Annual Antiques Show

Wilmette Women's Club Antique ShowCan’t bear the thought of giving yet another sweater or scarf this holiday season? Here’s your chance to get something really unique for your loved ones while helping out those in need.

At the Woman’s Club of Wilmette’s 70th Annual Antiques Show and Sale you’ll find everything from furniture to maps, prints, books, linens, vintage jewelry, and more. Dealers returning this year include Ralph Spano Antiques, Neil Zuehlke Antiques, and T.S. Hotter Gallery. New dealers include Silver Acorn (miniature books and vintage jewelry), The Good Stuff (American Indian jewelry), Plain Tales (antique books), Maison Suzanne (textiles and tapestries), and Dovetail Joint Antiques (Americana and furniture).

You’ll also be able to shop for holiday foods and hostess gifts  at the Holiday Boutique.

Do you have damaged glass, china, or porcelain? Bring it to the show for on-site repair by Mary Lou’s Crystal Repair, a show long-term favorite. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wilmette Neighborhoods: McKenzie Square

McKenzie Square is the neighborhood adjacent to McKenzie Elementary School. I don’t think it’s the official name of the neighborhood. I think it was the invention of some real estate agent somewhere along the line. Anyway, the boundaries of McKenzie Square are Lake Ave. to the north, Wilmette Ave. to the south, Ridge Rd. to the west and 15th St. to the east. This is not the entire McKenzie School footprint. That extends north of Lake, south of Wilmette and as far as Green Bay to the east.

View Larger Map
McKenzie Square is a super-convenient place to live because it’s centrally located in Wilmette and you can easily walk to town, the train, the library and several parks, as well as to McKenzie Elementary and Highcrest Middle School and St. Joseph Catholic Church.

The neighborhood is full of traditional homes shaded by large trees. Highland Avenue and 16th Street are two of Wilmette’s many brick streets, which adds to the charm. Lot sizes are typically 50 x 160 ft. and most houses have 4-5 bedrooms. Architectural styles include Georgian, Four Square and farmhouse (many with front porches), as well as a few bungalows and cape cods sprinkled throughout. Most homes date from the first half of the 20th century, though some smaller old homes have been torn down and replaced with new construction. Unlike nearby Kenilworth Gardens, most houses in McKenzie Square have garages off the alley rather than driveways in front.

Home prices range from $700,000 to $1,200,000, but they can go as high as $1,600,000 for larger new homes.

Currently there are only three homes for sale in McKenzie Square. The smallest has only three bedrooms and is $649,000. The largest is newer construction and is listed at $1,049,000.

1519 Washington - $649,000

1519 Washington - $649,000

1534 Wilmette Ave - $995,000

1534 Wilmette Ave - $995,000

1761 Washington - $1,049,000

1761 Washington - $1,049,000

If you’d like to see any of these homes, please give me a call at 847-687-5957 or email me. You can also search for Wilmette homes here.

Anne West - Your North Shore Real Estate Connection

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Foreign Films in Wilmette

human resources manager

"The Human Resources Manager" from Israel will be shown on November 17th.

Last week the Tribune ran a story about Wilmette’s arts and culture scene (“Wilmette: Not Like Other Towns”, by Lauren Viera). The article talked about the diverse programming at the Wilmette Theatre, the “Starlight Theatre” series at the Wallace Bowl, the Wilmette Historical Society and the new Studio North Academy of the Performing Arts.

But there’s another great cultural offering the article didn’t mention, and that is the Foreign Film Club at the Wilmette Library. The club meets monthly and and screens great foreign movies from all over the world. And it’s free! The movie club is the brainchild of fellow Coldwell Banker agent, Daverille Sher.

I interviewed Daverille for the back-story on the club:

Anne: When did you start your movie group and what gave you the idea? Read the rest of this entry »


It’s Pedal Power Time Again!

Nicole BasilLast year I wrote about Pedal Power, an annual bike drive started four years ago by (then) 9 year old Nicole Basil of Wilmette.

The goal of Pedal Power is simple: to collect used bikes and scooters and donate them to needy children in the city of Chicago. In the first year Nicole focused her drive in Wilmette and hoped to collect 23-30 bikes. Last year she expanded beyond Wilmette to neighboring North Shore towns and collected 280 bikes.

This year Pedal Power takes place on Saturday, November 5 from 9 am to 12 pm.

If you have used but working bikes or scooters to donate, please bring them to one of three collection points:

  • McKenzie Elementary School, 649 Prairie Ave, Wilmette
  • George Garner Cyclery, 1111 Waukegan Rd., Northbrook
  • Higher Gear, 1874 Sheridan Rd., Highland Park

You can get more information at Nicole’s web site:


Rock Candy

Last year the rock dressed as a ghost. This year it has donned something more colorful. Looks good enough to eat. Happy Halloween!

Wilmette's rock as candy corn

Halloween in Kenilworth Gardens

Halloween in Kenilworth Gardens

When it comes to Halloween the families in the Kenilworth Gardens neighborhood of Wilmette take their decorating very seriously. The name of the game is to have the ghastliest, grisliest decorations you can come up with.

Here are pix of some of the scarier yards in the ‘hood.


IMG_8287Witch in Kenilworth Gardens

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Pumpkins and Politics on Lawndale

Candidates in Wilmette

Every year I look forward to seeing how the Weyermullers have decorated their yard for Halloween. For over ten years they’ve been lampooning local and national politicians with life-size statues and vignettes about some of the more controversial policy issues. They will happily skewer either or both political parties but say they draw the line on sex scandals. So you won’ be seeing any Anthony Weiner statues this year.

And the fun is not limited to politics. Being die-hard Cub fans (one can only assume) there’s always some “commentary” on the Cubs’ latest season. This year there’s a Cub fan rising from the dead with his heart in his hand and a sign that reads: “The Cubs yanked my heart out”  And, of course, there’s a statue of the Cubs’ new President of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein.

Here are some shots of this year’s Halloween display. See if you recognize anyone…

BlagoCharlie Sheen

Rahm EmmanuelBarack ObamaCubs fan with heart ripped outTheo Epstein

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