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Pottery Barn Colors That Will Help You Sell Your North Shore Home

Bathroom with Hazy Skies

Bathroom with Hazy Skies

Many times I will recommend that a homeowner give their rooms a fresh coat of paint before listing their North Shore home for sale. After all, there is no single improvement or update that will give you a better return per dollar spent.

And if their target buyer is on the younger side, I remind them that Pottery Barn is the arbiter of all things young and fresh as far as decor goes. The more they can make their home look like a Pottery Barn catalog, the better. Easier said than done if all of your furniture pieces were inherited from your grandmother. But using Benjamin Moore’s Pottery Barn collection of paint colors is one way to breathe a little fresh air into your home.

If you are painting your home to sell, here are six of my fail-safe favorites from the spring collection:

Monroe Bisque (HC-26)
This is a sandy beige that is great for maximizing the space in your room. Paint the trim the same as the wall to add height to the room.

Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4)
A warm yellow that is neither too golden nor too lemony. Its slight gray undertone makes it work in any room, but it’s especially good in hallways and rooms that get little natural light.

Bleeker Beige (HC-80)
This is not a boring beige. It has warmth and depth and looks great with blues, greens and blue-greens.

Bedroom with Urban Nature

Bedroom with Urban Nature

Hazy Skies (OC-48)
This neutral is a beige with gray undertones that makes a great backdrop for any decorating scheme.

Buxton Blue (HC-149)
If there is such a thing as a neutral blue, this is it. It’s got both gray and green in it so it changes depending on the light, but it’s always cool and soothing.

Urban Nature (AF-440)
A sophisticated grayish-green that works well in bedrooms or living rooms.

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  1. Lisa Hannigan

    Hi I love the pottery barn colors. I have a new basement reno in the works with 11×13 bedroom with large egress window and small bathroom with shower. I am thinking Monroe Bisque (living area), Buxton Blue (bath). The bath and bedroom are next to each other each other but a small hallway separates the two rooms so that the kids can use the bathroom too from the living space. I love the urban green color too and was thinking that for the Bedroom. Love them all….so beautiful I would love some input…..Thanks a million….LIsa H.

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