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Listing Descriptions That Can Scare Buyers Away

home_for_sale_sign_1[1]A recent article by Michael Estrin of highlights the red flags in real estate listings that can send potential buyers running for the hills. Some of them may surprise you:

1. Listing a property without pictures. Buyers assume that there must be something wrong with the house.

2. Lack of transaction details. For example, a short sale listing that doesn’t address whether the lender has approved of the price.

3. Hyperbole. Buyers can be turned off by superlative claims like, “Best property on the market.”

4. Price too good to be true. Listing a home at a very low price can attract lots of buyers, BUT it can also attract UNQUALIFIED buyers looking to get a bargain.

5. The flipper. Phrases like “recently remodeled” sound good, but can actually be a red flag to those in the know. It can imply that this is a flip that may have been done without proper permitting or with shoddy workmanship and cut corners.

6. “As is”. These days those two little words can mean that the previous owners have taken everything out of the house that wasn’t nailed down (and some things that were, like appliances, cabinetry and bathroom fixtures).

You can read the full article here.



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