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Your Real Estate Agent Can Refer a Good Home Inspector

Over the last few years many real estate experts have written articles, blogs, posted websites etc., to discourage home buyers from using home inspectors referred by real estate agents, the theory being that the agent will refer an incompetent, or worse, dishonest, inspector so that the sale will go through easier without a thorough inspection.

People hire a real estate agent for two reasons: to gain insight into the local real estate market and to guide them through the complexities of the home buying process, including securing a mortgage, getting an appraisal, securing title insurance, the attorney review of documents and scheduling a home inspection. Most home buyers probably don’t have these people lined-up and they rely on the real estate agent to refer professional and competent attorneys or mortgage brokers or home inspectors. My experience as a home inspector is that the great majority of real estate agents want you to do a good job for their client and will refer you based on competence and honesty.

Mark McCaffrey is a licensed home inspector on Chicago’s North Shore. He also performs radon testing in the Northern and Northwest suburbs. For more information call 847-363-9733 or visit


  1. Joe Zekas

    Realtors typically – but not always – lean toward the home inspector who’s Realtor-friendly rather than buyer-friendly.

    Home inspectors who depend on Realtors for their business inevitably err on the side of minimizing problems.

    I’d suggest that buyers be extremely skeptical of any home inspector referred by a Realtor, and look elsewhere for referrals.

    Read this post, and the related links, for some idea of the punishment Realtors try to inflict on home inspectors who aren’t Realtor-friendly.

  2. Mark McCaffrey

    Any comment from Joe Zekas of YoChicago, must be taken with a grain of salt. He’s basically adopts all the positions of his pal Home Inspector Tom Corbett. Check out YoChicago’s alleged “unhinged rant by a real estate agent” re: should you hire a kick-ass home inspector? Actually this alleged rant is a well thought out critique of home inspectors who proceed to antagonize buyers and agents and to cry wolf at every minor issue found in a home. If you don’t trust your real estate agent hire another one. If you do trust your agent, trust them to lead you to trusted vendors. Otherwise you end up with “kick-ass” home inspectors who lack perspective and judgement

  3. Anne West

    I like to think that my fellow agents would not let their commission check tempt them to do something that was not in the best interests of their client. People do trust their agent to refer someone who is thorough and professional and I certainly would never want to betray that trust. On our team we make it a practice to provide multiple names when a client asks for a referral for an inspector, lender, attorney etc. That way they can choose the provider that best meets their needs.

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