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North Shore Area High Schools Rank in Top Twenty on 2010 Illinois School Report Card

High school classroomThe Illinois State Board of Education recently released rankings of Illinois high schools showing that North Shore area high schools continue to be at the top of the heap in terms of test scores:

#3 Deerfield High School

#4 New Trier HS

#8 Glenbrook North HS

#9 Lake Forest HS

#15 Highland Park HS

#20 Glenbrook South HS

The rankings are based on combined test scores on the Prairie State Achievement Exam and drawn from Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane, Will and McHenry counties. Only 11th graders were tested. For full rankings and additional information, go here.

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  1. Kevin Killion

    Hysterical! Parents with solid, educated backgrounds themselves give every conceivable benefit to their children. They’ll move heaven and earth to help, getting more workbooks, computers, tutors, whatever is needed. And to make up for the crummy constructivist methods for reading and math used in our schools they will happily pay to send their kids to any of the dozens of after-school tutoring sessions around here. Then we get the thin watery state tests that are graded so that even pathetic schools don’t look too bad, and — guess what — North Shore kids look great. And who claims the credit? The parents? Hell, no. The government school hog the spotlight.

    Just try asking these suburban money sinks for longitudinal data to PROVE that a child entering, say, high school with a given academic profile will prosper better than if they had enrolled at ETHS, or Stevenson, or Deerfield, or Glenbrook, or anywhere else in the suburbs. Go ahead, ask! You won’t get anywhere, and it’s because no one in the Illinois Blob wants you to have that kind of data. Just happily pay your astounding property taxes so that the superintendent can live in King Midas style, and keep your eyes closed and your trap shut — just like most everyone else around here.

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