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Wilmette's Rock

Right down the street from my house in Wilmette, there’s a rock by the side of the road…on the west corner of Ridge Road and Thornwood Avenue to be exact. It’s not a big rock. Maybe about as big as Plymouth Rock, which, if you’ve visited it, you’ll agree is pretty underwhelming. Anyway, what’s unusual about Wilmette’s rock is that it is always decorated in keeping with the season (or sometimes at the current whim of the artist) and yet the decorating is always done in secret.

Although I have passed this rock a zillion times, I have never seen anyone actually painting it, and I don’t know anyone else who has either. But sure enough you’ll see it painted one way one day and the next morning you’ll drive by and it will have morphed into something completely different. So I decided to begin documenting the many faces of the  rock.

Dressed for Thanksgiving

Dressed for Thanksgiving

Here’s my first picture of it, dressed as a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Ten bucks says it will be Rudolph come Friday morning.

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  1. painted rock

    Our family loves the painted rock. It sparks endless debates about who paints the rock, why they paint it, when the rock was 1st painted, and whether the rock is painted under the cover of darkness.

  2. NSV Blogger

    I have to say I am a little disappointed that the rock is STILL wearing its Thanksgiving dress …someone’s falling down on the job!

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